Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

It is 912 on thursday morning and class just got out a little while ago. I followed routine and quickly jumped on good old facebook. To no suprise all of three of the news feed items had to do with March madness. I will not lie I had a hard time holding back my excitement the last few days getting ready for the tournament. This time of the year is so active and alive, it makes me feel so very subpar. While I was running around on the court last night for our intramural championships, I couldnt help but picturing myself in a NCAA tournament game. Grabbing a rebound and butting up a quick two points made me relive memories in the driveway counting down the seconds till the buzzer rang. As I continued in my fantasy, I started to realize I suck at basketball. The level of skill these days far surpasses my little driveway legend. Thinking about some of the kids my age partaking in this tournament astonishes me, and thinking of all the recent 18-19 yr. olds playing in the NBA astounds me more. The athleticism of our country has steadily increased over the passed twenty years, and were was I? To tell you the truth though, I wouldnt want it anyother way. I love my life and I absolutely love march madness. I am so excited for the first round games I could probably run around the WU right now. 
For those of you that have been waiting for a new post I am really sorry (Bethany).  My life should be titled February madness. 

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