Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh the places you will go.

Today I officially became a member of the Ambassador club here on campus. The job of this club is to give tours to prospective students, and assist the Admissions department in anyway they see fit. To be come a true member of the club you must give a mock tour to a senior member of the club. Just thinking about this task seemed looming to me. To be on the spot thinking of random facts is a daunting task, so I studied all of my random WLC last night and went to my mock tour feeling apprehensive. In case you were wondering it went well, and the other member said I did a great job and that I can give tours whenever I feel fit. Now some of you title readers maybe wondering,"how does this stupid post have anything to do with a whimsical line from doctor seuss?" well I'm just about to get to the punch line, so hold your horses. As the tour was going on I kept thinking of my Junior year when I recieved my tour. I think of the person I was then. A scared little high school student who thought I knew just about everything. I thought little could stand in my way and I knew exactly what i wanted to do. I was so sure first of all that I was not going to go to WLC. I had no thought of the idea, mainly I was touring becuase my parents thought it would be a good idea just to check it out. Looking back I have changed so much, I love this school and everything it stands for. I must have been crazy back in the day, now I can really see clearly as to how God is truly in control of my life. 

Now you know, the deep meaning behind Dr. Seuss, but where did this idea come from? Well yesterday, I wore a shirt I bought this summer that has pictures of the fish from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. This is the real inspiration. I love Dr. Suess. All of his book inspire me to live my life the way it was meant to be lived. Whatever that means.

Anyhow, today in sports I saw possibly the coolest shot ever. Some of you may know of the Devin Harris buzzer beater shot last night, where he bobbled the ball then picked it up and hurled in a swish from half court. N0w whether or not this shot was truly a legit shot is not up to me, nor do I really care that much (its the NBA). What is really spectacular about this shot is that Harris is a UW-Madison allum. I remember watching him play, and thinking holy cow that kid is good. Look at him now, he is a starting point guard in the NBA (not that anyone really cares about the NBA). So what I am trying to say is "oh the places you will go". <><

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  1. What a great book. Caleb Schmiege got it for me as a graduation present.