Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year equals new blog mentality

This is the year 201o which means I have spent almost twenty years wallowing around in futility. All that my life need in those twenty years was a good blog mentality apparently, because it seems that people who blog are generally more happy about life. Not saying I am not happy with life or anything, but there is no reason to sit around being averagely happy with life. Therefore, a blog will make me happier? Who knows?
The year has already brought its ups and downs after returning from a trip to Jamaica, nothing has slowed down. There is a stark difference between how calm and relaxed people are in Jamaica compared to the people here in the states. Sometimes, I wish every big corporation owner and the powers in the U.S. could have a big dose of "no problem" or "ihre". Jamaicans have it right, while there economy is dwindling and their lifestyles are futile, they still find time to just relax and kick back. This seems to be the problem in people's mentality in America.
Just the other day I witnessed a prime example of this while riding the ten line bus from my traveling companions house to my apartment. At the stop I was greeted by an African American man who must of been in his late twenties. He and I spent most of our time on the bus discussing the politics of Milwaukee and at large the country. He was clearly a democrat in his voting, but he and I had so many like opinions it made we question even more why our countries government is so futile. It seems that with the parties we have in power there is no possible way for people to really rally behind one leader. What this man and I both agreed upon was the need for a third party. Our country needs competition. NO more of this vote for the lesser of two evils crap. Give me something to really get excited about.
Life otherwise has been an interesting roller coaster ride and part of me is excited just to get back into the routine of school. Hopefully, it is a smooth transition in which I can continue to grow and learn as a person, while serving my Lord and Maker. <><


  1. America will never get politics right. Politics is all yucky iffy stuff anyways, but especially in America.

  2. I agree with your thoughts on politics. It is kind of ridiculous how we vote for whatever is 'least worst' instead of whatever is best. I had never thought about it that way, but now that you've said it, I think it's the best way to describe the current start of American politics.