Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giving it a second try

As I sat contemplating my speech that was slowly not doing itself, I began reading a friends recent blogging. While I read, it reminded me of all my past adventures in the world of online blogging. I could recall numerous notes on spaces like xanga, myspace, and facebook. It has always been an interesting experience for me, but I have always given up after a few feeble attempts. This time however will be different. My recent journey through college has been in wavy bouts where nothing ever seems the same as the day before. Considering this, I thought to myself "why not give blogging one more try. You know maybe this time you will find a serious release to help contemplate the daily shuffle." So here I am, writing my first cheesy blog, sitting in the warrior underground (wu) hopeing that this time it works out better than past tries. I'm not really sure what I will write in future posts, but I'm positive of one thing. I am learning new things and they need to be shared. So I will try this out and see how it goes. Wish me luck! <><


  1. Steve, just letting you know that I'll probably read your blog from time to time.
    I'm kind of hoping blogging catches camp people like wildfire, much like it did in 2005.